A rumor spread like wildfire earlier this month regarding the next-generation Xbox requiring an Internet connection at all times, which would serve as a way to stop used games from being played. Because of that, many potential next-generation console consumers have been wondering if the next Xbox or PlayStation will in fact block used games from being played.

Last night, the PlayStation 4 was officially announced by Sony, which not only means the next generation of consoles will soon be upon us by holiday 2013, but it also means we could finally put the blocking of used games rumor to bed now that one of the consoles has been announced.

After the PlayStation 4 reveal, Tom Bramwell from Eurogamer sat down with Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida and asked him what we’ve all been wondering: Will used games be blocked on the PS4?

Yoshida’s response was a simple one, “…used games can play on PS4.”

So there you have it. One of the next-generation consoles has been confirmed to not block used games. Hopefully Microsoft will have the same news to share when they announce their next Xbox as blocking used games could certainly make or break the console.

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