We are rather avid fans of the Samsung Galaxy Camera, as that is one sharpshooter that captures decent enough images during road shows and press conferences, and has the ability to upload captured photos to a particular destination online automatically without requiring you to perform a manual drag-and-drop operation. Having said that, Samsung must’ve smelled an opportunity to release a gimped version of this digital camera in the form of the Samsung Galaxy Camera Wi-Fi. Needless to say, it has everything the original Samsung Galaxy Camera carries, sans 3G connectivity, meaning, you only get Wi-Fi support with this puppy.


I guess the Samsung Galaxy Camera Wi-Fi will target those who do not mind having an Android-powered digital camera in tow, except that it will not be able to deliver all your captured photos to the cloud immediately, but at least there are no pesky memory card readers for you to dabble with, either, as it can wirelessly transfer the stored images to a computer or onto the cloud. There is no word on pricing, but slap me silly and call me Sally if the Samsung Galaxy Camera Wi-Fi were to be priced higher than the 3G-capable Galaxy Camera itself. [Press Release]

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