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Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia U.S. Release Date Confirmed
Nintendo pulled out all the stops to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. and while fans across the globe could take part in the festivities in one way or another, there was one thing that fans outside Japan couldn’t get, the Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia. Fans in the United States can now rejoice because Nintendo has confirmed the Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia release date for customers in the […]

World Video Game Hall Of Fame Has Its First Six Titles
There are hall of fames for everything, like rock music, sports players, food, so why not video games, right? Well if you’re wondering what kind of titles would make the cut as far as video games are concerned, The Strong’s World Video Game Hall of Fame has recently announced its first six inductees.If you’ve been playing video games for a while, chances are you won’t be surprised at some of […]

Super Mario 3D World Invades Japan's McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Set
McDonald’s may be considering 3D-printed Happy Meal toys, but the only way we’ll accept this move to 3D printing is if the toys are based on Japanese Happy Meal toys, such as the toys that will be available for the next few weeks.

Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set Including New Super Mario Bros. U, Luigi U Starting Nov. 1
Nintendo has been attempting to make its Wii U an appealing video game console to purchase this year as just a few months ago, they announced they would be cutting the price of the Wii U Deluxe set from $349.99 to a more acceptable $299.99. A $50 drop in price doesn’t seem to have improved much in terms of the Wii U’s sales, so Nintendo is now changing things around with […]


Nintendo Releases 27 New Super Mario 3D World Screenshots
Nintendo has been publishing some notable titles over the past month as the Wii U got The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD just a few weeks ago while its Nintendo 3DS got Pokemon X & Y this past weekend. The next big game Nintendo will publish is Super Mario 3D World, which is headed to the Wii U on November 22. Nintendo released a new gameplay trailer for the title earlier […]

Super Mario 3D World Gets New Gameplay Trailer Highlighting New Powerups
Super Mario 3D World is a title many Wii U owners are probably looking forward to as New Super Mario Bros. U certainly scratched their Mario itch when the console launched, but a new 3D Mario game is something we’ve all been waiting quite some time for since Super Mario Galaxy 2 released over three years ago. The wait will almost be over as Super Mario 3D World is excepted to […]

Super Mario Bros. Crossover Receives Huge 'Special' Update
There is nothing quite like taking a classic game and putting a new spin onto things, is there? We have seen how Mario has influenced millions of gamers ever since he made his debut from a pipe somewhere, where he has since been playable within a game itself, getting a slew of new levels thanks to a user mod, or even re-imagined in HD glory – just like how Zelda’s […]

Original Super Mario Bros. Reimagined In HD
There are some games from yesteryear that get remade into HD, and while this might be a way for a developer or publisher to garner some renewed interest in the game, some gamers might feel that by making the game “HD”, it kind of ruins the feel to it. The good thing about the Mario franchise is that for the most part, it has been immensely popular, especially the classic […]

Server Plug-In Allows Super Mario Bros. To Be Played Within A Counter-Strike Game
Ever wonder what it might be like to play a video game within a video game? Sure there are games like that out there where they offer smaller arcade-type games within the main game itself, take StarCraft 2 for instance, but what about playing an actual console game within a game of a totally different genre and platform? If that has managed to pique your interest, the Sourcemod Entertainment System, […]

Super Mario Bros Done Right In First Person View
Now here is a video that you will definitely appreciate, especially when it concerns the video game classic Super Mario Brothers that made the transition from the flat, 2D world into a pure 3D world – not the same kind of 3D that Nintendo explored in recent years, but rather, that from a First Person perspective, ala Doom. The entire video was a blast to watch, and it was accompanied […]

USF Monster Tesla Coil Used To Play Super Mario Bros. Theme Song
We’ve seen tesla coils used for some pretty neat things recently like being used as a Nerf gun, but being able to bend electricity to your will in order to play the main theme song for Super Mario Bros. is probably one of the coolest things we’ve seen a tesla be used for.Tampa’s University of South Florida X-Labs decided it was time to use their monster Tesla at full power in […]

Super Mario Bros. piggy bank makes classic coin sounds when money is put in
If you want to teach your kids that saving money is a good habit while making it a fun experience at the same time, or if you’re just too huge a Mario fan to pass this up, then you might be interested to learn that Media Factory will be releasing a series of Super Mario Bros. piggy banks. However unlike regular piggy banks where it merely involves the dropping of […]

Super Mario Bros. theme remixed with sound effects from Diablo 3 sounds interesting
While Diablo 3 has a perfectly good soundtrack of its own, it seems that the sound effects from the game can be used as an accompaniment in this remix of the theme for Super Mario Bros., a theme which we’re sure pretty much every game on this planet is familiar with. Put together by Tyler73123 on YouTube, he has managed to remix the Super Mario Bros. theme using effects from […]

Real life Super Mario coin blocks let you knock money out of blocks
Hardcore fans of Super Mario are going to love this project – a real life Super Mario Bros. coin block that spits out coins when it is hit – just like in the game! If you were thinking about how this coin box would definitely make the cut to be your next piece of décor in your room – you might be disappointed that you can’t buy such a device. […]