Have you ever heard of the txtr beagle before? Well, in October last year, it laid claim to being the smallest e-reader in the world, where it was specially designed so that it will work in tandem with your smartphone. When paired to your Android smartphone over a Bluetooth connection, you will be able to take advantage of the txtr app for Android in order to make your e-book purchases there, before they are being sent over to the beagle e-reader.

Considering how the diminutive 5” device lacks Wi-Fi connectivity or a USB port, one of the only way to transfer such digital book purchases over to the device would be to fall back on a smartphone. Hence, it is a no brainer to hear that txtr has started to work with phone companies in order to push sales of the beagle, which currently retails for an extremely affordable $13 in Europe. As for us folks living in the US, surely there is a market that would take more than a second look at the txtr beagle? It has already appeared over at the FCC earlier this week, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that the txtr beagle will hit the US in due time, and hopefully at a really affordable price point.

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