When it comes to technology that can be worn, well, we have just seen Carrie Underwood’s “projection dress” yesterday that was on parade at the recent Grammy Awards, but this time around, here is an idea that sports company Under Armour has in the pipeline – to develop interactive garments which will be able to rely on technology which helps measure as well as enhance sports in addition to fitness performance. The main “star” from Under Armour would be the Armour39, which is a digital performance monitor which athletes wear around their torso that will work by measuring their activity.

Of course, apart from that, there will also be a concept garment that is in the pipeline that seemed to feature an embedded touchscreen fitness tracker within a bodysuit’s fabric. We do hope to see Under Armour achieve all that they want to in the years ahead, preferably sooner rather than later. After all, if something can be measured, it can be tweaked for further improvement. Do expect Olympians and other professionals to make use of such high tech garments down the road when they are finally made possible.

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