You scratch my back, and I will scratch yours, and that is the mantra that Sony intends to fall back upon this time around for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Basically, SCEE has just announced a new promotion which will see PlayStation Plus subscribers gain from an additional 3 months of free subscription whenever they decide to pick up a 12 month subscription. If you were to break it down in mathematical terms, that would mean getting an additional 25% value on top of your initial £39.99/49.99 EUR “investment” over at the UK and European PlayStation Store.

It remains to be seen just how long will this promotion last, and whether it will be made available to other territories or not. This particular move arrives hot on the heels of GAME’s PlayStation Plus price cut that happened last week, where a 12 month PlayStation Plus subscription was given a huge discount to a mere £19.99. Could it be a knee-jerk reaction from the folks over at SCEE? Only time will tell, but gamers do seem to be the ones who benefit from what could be the beginning of a price war.

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