Which is the shipping service of choice for Optimus Prime? Surely having racked up more than 10 million members, Amazon Prime would be the right answer. All right, that was a pretty lame joke, but you have got to excuse me since I am trying to get through the mid-week syndrome here. Amazon Prime will set you back by $79 annually if you wish to subscribe to its service, but at least as a Prime member, you will be on the receiving end of two-day shipping for free, in addition to having access to thousands of streaming TV shows and movies.

Frequent online shoppers are the natural target market for Amazon Prime, and they have proven to be quite the huge success considering how Amazon Prime already has over 10 million members, and counting. This has been estimated to contribute approximately 33% of Amazon’s operating income, at least this is what Business Insider reported. It is said that Amazon profited around $78 on average for each Prime member last year after taking into account licensing and shipping fees. Neat!

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