htcamera1We all know that sinking feeling when we drop our phones, tablets, cameras and whatnot, but we can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a camera in the ocean. However that’s what Lindsay Scallan did when she took her Canon PowerShot camera with her on her underwater dive off Hawaii. She attempted to look for the camera the next day, but unfortunately due to the rough seas she was unable to do so and promptly wrote it off as a loss. However it seems that the camera managed to stay afloat thanks to its waterproof housing, and drafted thousands of miles to Taiwan where it was picked up by an employee of China Airlines.

Surprisingly the memory card in the camera was intact and they managed to retrieve the photos and ultimately were able to identify its owner, Lindsay Scallan. The airline company then approach Hawaii News Now to see if they were able to get in touch with Scallan, and a friend who saw the news told her about it. The good folks at the airline company offered to fly her down to reunite her with her camera, although we expect that this is probably good PR for them as well. However as it turns out, Scallan has work commitments that she is unable to get out of, but still a pretty good story anyway, plus we have to say that the waterproof housing she used certainly lived up to its promise!

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