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We’ve published a number of stories of gamers around the world who had their lives cut too short after spending way too many hours at local Internet cafes. But you rarely hear similar stories of gamers practically living at an Internet cafe for several years, and that’s exactly what we have in the following story.

Li Meng has reportedly more or less been living at an Internet cafe near Changchun for the past six years as he only leaves his spot to eat and shower. Otherwise, he can be found at the cafe to play games in the evenings until he gets sleepy, and then proceeds to fall asleep during the daylight hours. We imagine the seats at the cafe must be extremely comfortable to be able to sleep in.

Meng was interviewed by Beijing Times, who noted he didn’t look at the reporter once during his interview. Instead, his gaze was fixed on his computer screen at all times. Ming says his month income is RMB 2,000 ($322), which he pays 500 ($80) to the cafe on a monthly basis. The Beijing Times story didn’t say what game he spent all his time playing, but we somehow doubt it’s a simple Facebook game.

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