Diablo 3 If you thought your 8-hour long gaming sessions were insane, think again. It has been reported that an 18-year old boy died after playing Diablo 3 for almost two days. Only identified by his surname, Chuang, he checked into a private room at an internet cafe in Tainan, Taiwan and spent the next 40 hours playing Blizzard’s latest action-RPG. For some reason he decided to skip all his meals (no mention about his toilet breaks), and that combined with his fatigue was probably what killed him.

He was discovered slumped over the by a cafe worker doing his duties. Thinking the boy was asleep, the worker woke him up. Chuang managed to take a couple of steps before collapsing, and was sent to the hospital. However, it was too late as he died shortly after arriving. Apparently the cause of death was due to him spending long hours in the same position which might have caused a deadly cardiovascular issue.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about a gaming-related death, but it goes to show that people don’t pay enough attention to warnings and how important it is to take a break whenever you’re playing video games for long periods of time. Let’s hope people stop taking this issue so lightly and learn to put down their controllers once in a while.

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