For several days, Egypt has been experiencing Internet service disruptions and it looks like they finally may have figured out what could have been the problem. Divers have attacking their undersea Internet cables.

According to Reuters, Egypt’s coastguards stopped a fishing boat near Alexandria and arrested three divers who were caught cutting through an undersea Internet cable yesterday belonging to Egypt Telecom, which is the county’s monopoly landline provider. No details were given as to who these divers were and what their motive was to perform their criminal activity.

Crime rates have been on the rise in Egypt for several months, although we can’t understand why criminals would go through all of the trouble to cut off these undersea Internet cables. We know many of them communicate through there Internet in order to arrange meetings within the country, but we just think cutting undersea Internet cables is a little bit of an extreme thing to do. How about the country instead just block Facebook, Twitter and any other social network? We think that’d be a little bit easier than having to get a fishing boat, gear to dive in and find the location of undersea Internet cables.

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