A new controller called iKazoo is now available for pre-order. It works with both iOS and Android devices. The manufacturers call iKazoo the most versatile entertainment assistant ever. It functions as a voice, breath or touch controller for the devices it supports. It uses a bi-directional Bluetooth transceiver to wirelessly connect to the device. Its built in Arduino platform has optical and motion sensors. Just move the iKazoo controller around to play a game. Connection is very simple, all that is required is a device that has a built in camera, be it a PC, smartphone or tablet. Simply hold up the iKazoo in front of it and the driver program on this controller will automatically sync up with it.


The iKazoo is a crowd funded project, there’s a campaign well under way. Early adopters can get it for $79. There’s another version with “Smart Writer Cap”, which makes the iKazoo a stylus for tablets, that can be pre-ordered by pledging $135 to the campaign. Delivery is estimated to take place in August 2013. You can visit the iKazoo pre-order/crowd funding campaign page here.

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