Nicholas Webber, who is currently serving five years in jail after creating a hacker’s forum site known as GhostMarket, was invited into an IT class in jail, which is more or less one of the last few places where he should be. Well, what do you in such a situation? The rather modern Isis prison invited him to an IT class, and of course, the inevitable consequence was having the prison’s computer system hacked.

This rather peculiar miscalculation which resulted in the 2011 hacking incident was brought up because the teacher who ran the IT class sued the college which employed him for unfair dismissal. According to Michael Fox, he said that he didn’t know that Webber was a hacker, leaving the prison to ban him, while Kensington and Chelsea College decided to drop him from their payroll. According to the BBC, Isis was “‘bedeviled’ with faulty technology.” Interesting choice of words, would you not say so? It is somewhat akin to letting Joker free into Arkham society, believing that he is “cured” of his murderous madness, if you need something more culturally relevant.

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