For those who tend to fly a whole lot, crossing several time zones along the way, chances are you would realize that overcoming the scourge of jet lag does put a toll on the body. This physiological condition is the result of alterations made to the body’s circadian rhythm, no thanks to rapid long-distance travel. You don’t hear anything about boat lag in the days of our ancestors when they crossed the pond, did you? Some of the symptoms of jet lag include sleep disturbances, cognitive issues, fatigue, headache, irritability, and even indigestion, taking certain folks days to recover.

Well, Delta Airlines knows how inconvenient jet lag can be, and has managed to offer the services of a certain Photon Shower Prototype which hopes to help jet lagged passengers reset their body’s internal clock. This particular “shower” unit will let the passenger key in their flight information so that the “light shower” can be customized to meet one’s individual needs. It won’t help you get rid of those sweaty armpits during a long haul flight, but at least you can be more awake and alert afterwards!

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