Pigeons might sound cute with all of their cooing, but they do make quite a mess with their droppings, which is why Network Rail has decided to spend a good £9,000 of their budget to purchase robot falcons in order to give them pigeons a scare away from city’s main train station, which is Waverley Station in Edinburgh. Known as Robop, this robotic falcon is capable of rotating its head, flap its wings, and also emit the kind of screeching noises that pigeons hate, somewhat akin to the Nazguls’ screams when riding on their fell beast.

Sounds like money well spent, especially when you want to keep the newly installed roof that comprises of over 24,000 panes of glass as part of an ongoing refurbishment process. As for the screeching, it is not just mindless screeching, but made up of four different calls that intend to strike fear into their prey. After all, real life peregrine falcons live off prey birds such as seagulls and pigeons, so hopefully the robotic ones will be able to fool them bird brains.

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