One of the most iconic games to offer a mix of puzzles along with a horror vibe has to be The 7th Guest. The game was first released back in 1993, with its sequel, The 11th Hour, release two years later in 1995. Today, the game’s developer Trilobyte is announce a new The 7th Guest will soon be teasing us with its horror-themed puzzles.

Trilobyte co-founder Charlie McHenry recently spoke about the game with Polygon. In his interview, he reveals the game’s setting and story:

“In the world of The 7th Guest: 3, you will re-enter the mysterious and magical mansion, newly restored with games, puzzles and artifacts. But it is still haunted, as players will soon discover. You will learn more about what happened on that terrible night, and discover the real story and previously hidden secrets of the gaming world’s most mysterious toymaker.”

The 7th Guest: 3 is expected to release onto PC, Mac, iOS and Android possibly within the next 18 months as Trilobyte is currently in talks with potential financiers to hopefully launch a Kickstarter next month if other forms of funding don’t work out. We hope you rested up for the past 18 years since there’s been a 7th Guest game as we expect the game to leave you quite restless at night.

Mwa ha ha ha HA!

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