The Harlem Shake, for those unfamiliar, is a video where one person starts dancing in a room full of people minding their own business, before it cuts to the break where the entire room can be seen shaking and gyrating wildly and randomly, more often than not donning ridiculous costumes in the process. Heck, the Harlem Shake got so big that even Google embedded an Easter Egg in YouTube which caused the site itself to get crazy! For the most part, the series of Harlem Shake videos are funny and light hearted, albeit a bit ridiculous, but it seems that over in Egypt, the Harlem Shake has been used by political parties within the country to antagonize each other.

In response to a video last Thursday where 70 or so protestors showed up at the Muslim Brotherhood’s Cairo headquarters and performed the Harlem Shake, the Brotherhood has released their own video where the dancers in the video wore masks of the members of the opposition and did the Harlem Shake themselves. The original upload has since been removed, but since this is the internet, it has been reuploaded and is still circulating (check it out in the video above).

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