Windows 8 logoFor those who are using the recently updated Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging app for Windows 8, you might have figured out that support for Google Calendar has been removed in its entirety, which means you can no longer synchronize new as well as current calendars, no thanks to Google ditching Exchange ActiveSync support. Those who want to use the updated app will be on the receiving end of a message that reads as follows, asking you to reconnect your account.


We can’t connect to [address] because Google no longer supports Exchange ActiveSync. Reconnect to get your emails and contacts using a different method. Cancel to save your drafts and reconnect later.

Microsoft did mention in the past that EAS-syncing Google accounts which were added to Windows 8 before January 30th would retain information such as contacts, emails and calendars, but this seems to be nullified and void now. How will Microsoft offer support for Google Calendar down the road via the stock Calendar app in Windows 8 and Windows RT? We do not have the answer, and will hope to hear from Microsoft soon.

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