anti-rape-underwearWhen I first came across this article, I did ask myself, could this be a belated April Fool’s joke that somehow went under the radar until a few days later? It does not seem to be the case after reading further, where Indian engineers came up with this ‘anti-rape’ underwear which is said to provide a nasty electric shock to attackers of a potential rape victim, in addition to texting the police for help automatically, furnishing the long arm of the law with the person’s GPS location.


Basically, there are pressure sensors that have been sewn into the bust area which was specially designed to detect unwanted force, where the anti-rape underwear is said to deliver up to 82 electric shocks, with each shock measuring a whopping 3,800 kilovolts. I do wonder, however, just how much juice does this particular underwear carry to deliver so many shocks at such high voltage? Also, will there be a risk of would-be attackers identifying this as the anti-rape underwear, only to be more incensed and threaten the victim with murder unless she removes it first?

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