keyboard-muteWe have seen some interesting additions made to Google+ Hangouts in the past, including allowing users to watch YouTube videos together and a new sidebar feature with colorful notifications, so are there new ways to introduce an improvement to Google+ Hangouts? Sure there are, as the human mind is always an enterprising one. For those of us who thought that capturing the full attention of someone in a Google+ Hangout would mean not hearing the sound of their typing as they work on something else, but Google has something new in store by allowing you to mute your microphone as long as you type, so that the other person won’t be able to tell just what you are doing at the moment.

There is one particular drawback to this though – Google has decided to add this feature to chats that have at least four participants within, so it would be a good idea to rope in more friends to your Google+ Hangouts. There is nothing quite like automatic muting of your microphone when you type, no? What do you think of this move by Google?

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