The world of casual gaming has really taken off in a big way ever since the iPhone was introduced to the masses way back in 2007. Yes sir, has it been more than half a decade already, where the passage of time has flowed uninterrupted to see many more generations of the iPhone hit the market? Well, the iOS platform proved to be a huge hit for casual titles, and here we are with Sundae Factory announcing their platformer/puzzle that they call the Ecotone Greenlight.


You can have a better idea on how the game works in the video above, and you know what they say – a picture speaks a thousand words, so we do hope that nearly two minutes’ worth of gameplay video ought to convey the message across to interested parties who want to pick up this title from the indie game maker Sundae Factory. What are some of the casual games that you really love to waste your time with over the years? Do you think that dedicated game consoles still have a future, or are the current generation models going to be the last?

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