monsterhunter3ultimateCapcom’s Monster Hunter was available on the PSP handheld console, which is why many rightfully assumed it would eventually make its way onto the PS Vita as well, or will it? Unfortunately for PS Vita owners, it seems that if you want to enjoy Monster Hunter on your handheld console, you’re out of luck unless you don’t mind settling for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, which is essentially a PSP port, and while the game itself is by no means bad, we’re sure Vita owners were hoping for something a little more exclusive and perhaps high-def.

This unfortunate news was discovered by the folks at NeoGAF who found the evidence in the Ask Capcom forum where Capcom associate online/community rep Yuri L. Araujo was quoted as saying, “Sorry we’ve got no plans for a PS Vita Monster Hunter at the moment.” Of course this could be interpreted as meaning that perhaps down the line there could be Monster Hunter for the PS Vita, but we guess for now PS Vita will have to turn to the port for their monster hunting needs.

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