oppo-r809tI am rather wary whenever a hardware manufacturer announces a particular feature of their device that relies on a superlative adjective such as “thinnest” and “fastest”, but you can say that some China-based smartphone manufacturers have certainly spiced up the market considerably in the past few months with their offerings, and Oppo is one of them who have rolled out numerous “world’s thinnest” smartphones over time. It seems that their latest champion to roll off their production lines would measure a mere 6.13mm thin, which would definitely outdo Alcatel’s offering by 0.32mm.

Carrying the model number R809T, this Oppo smartphone ought to arrive with a name that is easier on the brains, especially if they want it to sell well in the mass market. So far, rumors do point towards an April 26th release for the Oppo R809T in China, and if that were to be true, it would be rather amazing considering how this is more or less the first leak of the R809T that we’ve heard of till now. Will it go international? Most probably not.

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