If it were up to us, we’d wear a Nintendo Power Glove at all times as it really is the perfect combination of a glove and a video game controller since no other video game console ever attempted to combine them again. We’re not sure if the reasons were because the Power Glove was so perfect, or if no company thought those two things should ever coexist in a single device again, but either way, we know just how rad it is, unless you’re pulling out tasty treats from your oven.

Using your Power Glove to pull out a hot pan that has been sitting in 450-degree heat may not be the best idea, which is why the Power Mitt may be the most logical choice if you’re baking a sheet full of cookies for your fellow bros to enjoy. For only $15, you can be the envy of your baking party as you can pull considerably hot items from your oven while also looking extremely cool by having something that looks like a Power Glove attached to your hand. Just remember the Power Mitt will, in no way, help you become a better gamer. Just a better baker.

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