smartisan-launchIt was at the end of last month when we brought you word that there will be a new mobile operating system that is ready to jump aboard the highly competitive market, and that would be the Smartisan OS. Well, Smartisan has just launched in China, which would add more credibility to the Chinese smartphone market, with brand names like Meizu and Xiaomi already doing their bit to establish themselves.

Smartisan, as a mobile operating system, intends to humanize the entire user experience, where it clearly shuns the square icon style and grid layout, although the team behind the Smartisan OS too, believes in a closed system just like Apple, for the obvious reason of maintaining a semblance of quality control. The icons in Smartisan are meant to look futuristic and yet functional, with plans for Smartisan’s very own app store so that they need not rely on Google’s Play Store. The team is two dozen strong at this point in time, and more than welcome input from users in order to improve further. Do you think Smartisan will be able to carve a niche for itself in the smartphone market?

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