smartisan-osWho would have thought that the mobile operating system scene is big enough to accommodate yet another player to the market, where this time around, it would hail from China, courtesy of Hammer Technologies (no, this has nothing to do with the fictional Justin Hammer in the Iron Man film), where they have made attempts to push their latest smartphone operating system that is known as the Smartisan OS.

Of course, the Smartisan OS is not exactly a brand new operating system per se, but rather, it is a new user interface that is based on the Android platform, although the entire user interface as well as its core apps have been given a makeover. Just in case you figure out that this modus operandi is rather familiar, this is because Xiaomi’s MIUI also did the same, which means the Smartisan OS will play nice on current Android devices. While some might say that it is travesty for the Smartisan OS to be heavily inspired from iOS, the developers themselves refute this, touting that it has been simplified to include fewer icons per page, and lacks the kind of text that describes just which apps are associated with a particular icon. Will Smartisan OS catch on? I have my reservations, but stranger things have happened in the past.

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