wacombamboostylusminiWhen it comes to digitizer tablets, there is one name in the industry that definitely stands up and above from the rest of the pack, and that would be none other than Wacom. I am quite sure that graphics professionals as well as digital artists have had their fair share of action with a Wacom digitizer tablet in the past (or even the present), but here is an idea – having the best digitizer tablet in the world is of no use at all unless you have a decent stylus to get the job done. Good to know that Wacom has such interests in their mind, having churned out a smaller version of its Bamboo Stylus line for mobile devices, aptly calling it the Bamboo Stylus mini.

The Bamboo Stylus mini will sport a brass-plated 1.85-inch body that measures nine-millimeter (0.35-inch) in diameter, encased by a soft rubber coating. The stylus’ nib can also be changed for one to another from the Wacom range, which will include firm as well as soft versions to suit your drawing style. Not only that, a strap and dummy plug will let you plug it right into the headphone socket for an easy stowaway. Interested folks can always pick up the Bamboo Stylus mini for $19 a pop.

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