1stfoneIf you so happen to have a device that you have called “1stfone”, it goes without saying that anyone with half a brain would know the 1stfone would have something to do with the maiden handset that you get for your little one. After all, monkey see and monkey do, so to purchase a spanking new iPhone 5, or even hand down your iPhone 4S to your sibling is tantamount to having the phone commit suicide, so to speak, which is why the 1stfone was invented.


In order to eliminate any chance of the display cracking due to rough use by a child aged 4 to 9, the 1stfone does not come with a display, and neither does it have Internet access or texting capability that might result in a bill shock for you should your little one decide to go all Internet crazy. What the 1stfone does have, however, are customizable buttons which can be programmed with important numbers, enabling the little ones to call their parents or guardians as and when the situation requires. The 1stfone tips the scales at a mere 40 grams, and will arrive pre-programmed and ready‐to‐use right out of the box.

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