Today Amazon has released a standalone Cloud Player app for PC, which makes it very easy to play music that has been purchased from or stored on Amazon. All albums, songs and playlists that have been added to an account will be accessible through the Cloud Player for PC app. There’s no need for a web browser any more to listen to tracks sourced from Amazon, the app takes care of that, and it even has offline support built in. The Amazon Cloud Player app can also be configured to download MP3s or to add any new songs to the library which is in the cloud.


Amazon touts that this app has been built for speed and that its prime focus is on music. The app contains an “instant search” mode which can be used to look up a particular song, it is even possible to play a song directly from search results. Mac users have not been left out, Amazon says that a version for them is currently in the pipeline. As for Windows, the Cloud Player App can now be downloaded from Amazon.

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