tim-cook-oled-displays-awfulI find it interesting that the late Steve Jobs claimed that 7” tablets are out of the question, as they are deemed to be Dead On Arrival (DOA). It would be interesting to see whether the 7.9” iPad mini would have actually made it through the production lines should Steve Jobs still be alive today. Having said that, Google’s Project Glass has managed to stir up quite a commotion ever since it was first revealed to the world at Google I/O, being a device that is clearly different from what Apple has to offer. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook stood up to defend the company’s fabled prowess for being a tech trend-setter by dropping hints that wearable devices could very well play a role in future product plans.

Mr. Cook mentioned at the D: All Things Digital conference that wearable products “could be a profound area for technology.” Other than that, there were no additional details on Apple’s future where wearable devices are concerned, as they have not exactly rolled out ground-breaking products to date. Still, Mr. Cook claimed that “We have several more game changers in us” that the company has been “working on for awhile.” and the rest of the world can do nothing other than to sit down and wait patiently to see what Apple pulls out of their magic hat in due time.

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