candy-crush-saga-topsUh oh, other than having green colored pigs steal their eggs, them birds from Rovio have another reason to be all angry – it seems that Candy Crush Saga has overtaken Angry Birds to be the most popular mobile game in the world. In fact, this match-three title has over 15 million daily Facebook users worldwide now, making London-based owner King the world’s most popular social game developer.

It is said that over 66 million people play King games around the globe daily, which is a cool 14 million more compared to previous record holder Zynga. Candy Crush Saga currently occupies top spot on Facebook, iOS and the Android-based Play store, and if you were to concentrate on the demographics, 69% of Candy Crush Saga players happen to be ladies, with 300,000 of them being known as Maria. This is a phenomenal achievement considering how Candy Crush Saga was launched just in November last year, hitting top spot in a matter of half a year – with December 2012 alone achieving 10 million downloads. Perhaps folks were searching for virtual candy during the holiday season since they can’t get enough of candy in the real world? Still, better an Angry Birds movie than one about candy, let us hope it will never arrive at such a point down the road.

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