lost-google-glassNot everyone is lucky enough to be able to own a pair of Google Glass at this point in time, where having oodles of money alone is not a criteria that will net you a pair. Well, it is rather unfortunate that a certain Luke Wroblewski (whom you see on your right, above), has just reported that he has lost his Google Glass. Touting one of the realities in life where you own a pair of Google Glass, it seems that the more often you wear yours out, chances are higher that you would lose it, too.

Luke Wroblewski, a product designer by profession, claims that he lost his Google Glass just a couple of nights ago, which, according to Google, would certainly make this a major first for the futuristic looking device. Luke said, “[It’s] pretty nerve-racking. It’s an expensive and still-rare item – plus I’ve been using them to develop Glassware. So [it’s] not good on a number of fronts.” Obviously Luke was not wearing the device when he lost it, but it most probably slipped out of his bag as he had to go through the rigors of airport security. Hopefully life will be kinder to him with his next pair.

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