applestore-imacsIf you have browsed through the Apple Store for an iMac lately, you might have come across something that would make you smile – especially if you are looking for a whole lot more storage space on your iMac where flash storage is concerned. It looks as though the Apple Store has been updated to offer 256GB and 512GB flash storage options for its range of 21.5” iMacs.

Smaller iMacs will be equipped with a 1TB hard drive by default, where the other option used to be just a 1TB Fusion drive that will cost you another $250. Right now, you are able to do away with the 1TB hard drive by replacing it with a 256GB or a 512GB SSD when you are busy configuring your iMac over at the Apple Store. This move marks the first time that Apple has thrown in SSD options for their 21.5” iMacs, although in the past, they have introduced a $900 768GB SSD storage configuration for its 27” iMacs. Which storage capacity would you gun for?

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