If there’s one thing we know we all could certainly agree on, it’s the fact that our laptops could certainly use more power. Sure – 7 hours of battery life is good, but we look forward to the days where it’s been years since we charged our computer. We might not get to that point any time in the near future, but Intel is claiming it will be able to extend the battery life of your laptop by 50 percent.

Intel’s Architecture Group vice president Rani Borkar says laptops powered by the company’s new Haswell chip will result in it being able to squeeze out 50 percent more runtime out of its battery, and will also provide 20 times longer battery life when its in standby mode. Best of all – this increase in a laptop’s battery life won’t come at a cost in its ability to perform.

Borkar claims the way Intel is able to provide this substantial increase in laptop battery life is due to lower power requirements as well as an additional power management chip that helps reduce its energy draw. It certainly is an impressive claim and one we’re sure you can’t wait to see implemented in upcoming laptops.

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