iPhone speakers these days are a dime a dozen as you can find a speaker to dock your Apple smartphone in nearly any shape, size, color and farm animal. But if you’re the kind of person who prefers to use nature when it comes to your gadgets, then this seashell iPhone speaker is just what you’ve been looking for.

The conch shell iPhone speaker amplifiers are sold by WAAM Industries for a retail price of $75 and uses the natural contours of the seashell to amplify your iPhone’s speaker. The shell is able to hold your iPhone through a bit of manipulation since seashells don’t naturally have a dock for smartphones. A hole is cut out at the base of the shell, which holds your iPhone as well as allowing the shell to accurately amplify your phone.

We think this shell would make a great addition to anyone’s desk, especially if you happen to live near the beach, although for $75, you could probably walk out into your “backyard” and pick up your own conch shell. We just hope you have the proper tools to create the hole to properly dock your iPhone into it.

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