When you’re relaxing after a long day of work, we know you probably like to relax while using a tablet, smartphone or laptop sitting on your couch with your television on. One problem we’re sure you’ve experienced on a regular basis is being able to use your devices while keeping them plugged into your wall, especially if they desperately need a recharge. The nuplug is hoping to provide you with a more accessible outlet that will finally allow you to enjoy your gadgets while relaxing.

The way the nuplug works is by conveniently attaching itself to any piece of furniture and acting as an extension cable that plugs into your not-so easily accessible wall outlet. The provided clamp makes it possible for the nuplug to attach onto various surfaces, such as the bottom of living room furniture, a table leg or anywhere else you’ll need access an outlet.

Nuplug is currently in its crowdfunding stage as its Kickstarter page shows it has raises over $16,000 of its $75,000 goal with 29 days to go. If you’re interested in something like the nuplug, then head on over and show your support.

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