paypal-fingerprintAre you sick and tired of having to remember so many passwords for a slew of different accounts that you have online? Even more so when select sites require you to have a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters alongside a few numbers thrown in for good measure, clearly doing away with a “one size fits all” password. Well, we have heard that Google might want to replace the humble password with more futuristic authentication methods, while Apple might use one’s fingerprint to authenticate access to their next generation iPhone.

According to PayPal’s Chief Information Security Officer who recently went up on stage at the Interop security expo, he dropped hints on what the future would be like sans passwords, and even went so far as to say, “It’s widely rumored that a large technology provider in Cupertino, Calif., will come out with a phone later this year that has a fingerprint reader on it. There is going to be a fingerprint enabled phone on the market later this year. Not just one, multiple.”

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