We’re sure some of you guys were a bit bummed that this year’s Google I/O was more software focused than hardware, compared to last year where a couple of new devices were announced. It is possible and more than likely that Google has announcements planned for a later date, and if one of the products you were looking forward to was a next-gen Nexus 7, it seems that Google might have outed the device in one of their videos. Spotted by Twitter user Cesi D’Alessio, the latest video from Google demonstrating Hangouts may have revealed the next-gen Nexus 7 tablet.

As Nexus 7 owners probably know, unlike the Nexus series of Android smartphones, the tablet lacks the RGB notification light. However in the video, the tablet can be seen with such a notification light in it, which obviously does not belong to the current Nexus 7! Of course it is possible that Google might have edited the video, but then again why would they go to all that trouble? The tablet with the RGB notification light can be seen around the 21 second mark, so check it out in the video above! What do you guys think? Is this the next-gen Nexus 7 or are we a little too excited over nothing?

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