sony-entertain-japanYou know what they say, better late than never, in addition to another adage, “good things come to those who wait.” Well, folks living in Japan will be more than happy this May 29th (assuming you’re a huge fan of console gaming of course) as the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) online store will finally hit the Land of the Rising Sun, a good five months after it was launched in the US. The SEN is a browser-based marketplace which happens to be somewhat similar to the Google Play store, where users are able to sign in with their current SEN or PlayStation Network account and purchase video games, TV shows and films of their choice for any kind of supported device that they own.


It seems that Sony takes this stance – consumers will, in all probability, be far more likely to pick up digital content whenever one is able to access the kind of store that they like from a smartphone, tablet or PC. The moment you pay for the content that you want, it will be added automatically to the “My Downloads” section of the PlayStation Store, where it can then be played on the PS3, PS Vita or PSP. Chances are we would see plenty of impulse purchases here, don’t you think so?

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