The WebRTC standard will totally transform web communications by allowing true browser to browser communications.

Learn how the WebRTC standard will transform communications and create revenue opportunities for individuals and companies poised to integrate WebRTC capabilities into websites, games, enterprise business plans and more.  Participate in live demonstrations, business and technical panel discussions, networking events and a free pre-conference WebRTC workshop led by Google. Hear about WebRTC in Enterprise UC, Contact Centers, Web design and more. Understand the standards, development tools, development techniques and integration issues. The conference will include demonstrations, panel discussions, networking events, all meals and a Pre-Conference Workshop delivered by Google.

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Who will be at WebRTC Conference?
Highlighted speakers include; Alan Johnston, Distinguished Engineer and Standards Leader, Avaya, Niklas Enborn, Software Engineer, Google, Justin Uberti, software Engineer, Google, Dean Bubley, Founder, Disruptive Analysis, Geoff Hollingworth, Head of Business Innovation, Silicon Valley, Ericsson, Cullen Jennings, Cisco Fellow, Cisco, Dan Burnett, Director of Standards, Voxeo

Complete line up of speakers
Complete Agenda

Conference attendees will include web developers, OTT providers looking to launch communications services with WebRTC, traditional carriers seeking to understand WebRTC threats and opportunities, enterprise decision makers, social media companies and more

About WebRTC Conference and Expo:
WebRTC is more than just real-time communications, it’s an evolution of communications and the web

WebRTC Conference will cover all relevant WebRTC topics including; open standards, the role of WebRTC in changing traditional communications and collaboration, WebRTC’s role as an opportunity or threat for the service provider and OTT community, WebRTC in the mobile world and more. WebRTC will take voice and video into new domains with new use cases and applications and WebRTC Conference will address these applications, technology issues, standards, and market potential for WebRTC

The conference is a three track program comprised of a Developer Track, an Enterprise Track and Telco/Mobile Operator Track
Attendees will learn:

  • How WebRTC will impact corporate and personal communications
  • IETF and W3C standards; status, issues and challenges
  • The impact of “Hypervoice” – adding voice to every website, service request and “friending”
  • Codec’s impact on the operation of the WebRTC client
  • WebRTC’s impact on Service Providers and Over the Top Providers
  • How to code and create realtime interactions using WebRTC Standards
  • How to integrate WebRTC with the IMS and SIP architecture of the service provider environment
  • How the browser vendor community will support WebRTC
  • How WebRTC will be deployed in the mobile world.
  • How WebRTC toolkits will reduce time to market and improve performance, reliability and user acceptance for developers that create WebRTC applications
  • Impact of WebRTC in the Enterprise
  •  WebRTC and security issues
  • The Impact of WebRTC on Telecom and Enterprise Ecosystems

The event will also include a session showing 8 demonstrations of WebRTC applications

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