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Netvibes Launches Hierarchical Dashboarding For Real Time Data Visualization and Sharing
Netvibes touts its technology to be the “Dashboard of Everything” that delivers brand monitoring, data analytics and reporting across large corporations. “Big data” and “IoT” are the most trending keywords in the Silicon Valley, right now, and, as a matter of fact, we have seen an exponential growth in the amount of data that any business needs to collect and process in order to remain competitive in today’s tough economy.Netvibes […] Revealed, Helps You Be Forgotten Online
One man’s meat is another man’s poison, and when it comes to companies, you can creatively say that a company’s regulatory roadblocks could end up as another company’s pleasure. The recent European Court Of Justice ruling touted that Google cannot avoid an individual’s “right to be forgotten”, which means the Internet search giant will have to delete “irrelevant” and “outdated” information which contravenes an EU privacy directive. Hence, it is […] For iPad is a popular content curation website that lets people build their own online publication using articles found across multiple sources on the Internet. In a few clicks, individuals and companies are able to collect and comment on numerous articles on the topics they are interested in.One of the key benefits of the service is to offer an easy way for readers to find a lot of information on very […]

The Global WebRTC Ecosystem Event Makes its Inaugural Debut in Atlanta, June 25-27, 2013
The WebRTC standard will totally transform web communications by allowing true browser to browser communications.Learn how the WebRTC standard will transform communications and create revenue opportunities for individuals and companies poised to integrate WebRTC capabilities into websites, games, enterprise business plans and more.  Participate in live demonstrations, business and technical panel discussions, networking events and a free pre-conference WebRTC workshop led by Google. Hear about WebRTC in Enterprise UC, Contact […]


TopThat: a website to compete with your friends
TopThat is part of a category of applications that I like to label “ego-driven apps”, and for example, Foursquare is one of them. TopThat was launched in public beta back in August 2012 and today, it is making its official public debut.The underlying concept is very simple: TopThat allows members to compete and judge 1-on-1 or group-based competitions.

DeviantART online drawing app muro to feature Redraw
With 60 million unique visitors a month* and 20 million registered members, deviantART is the largest online art community that allows artists to exhibit and comment on artworks. In August 2010, during deviantART’s 10th birthday , the company launched muro, a HTML5 drawing application that now counts 2.5 million deviantART muro-related “deviations”During a conference call, co-founder and CEO Angelo Sotira, Lead Developer Mike Dewey and Art Director Forest Stearns, showed […]

Facebook IPO: Price Range Set Between $28 and $35 Per Share
According to an article by Evelyn M. Rusli on the Dealbook / New York Times, Facebook sets the share price for its IPO at between $28 and $35 per share, a pricing that could value the company at around $86 billion at the midpoint of the range, while raising roughly $10.6 billion.This will be the largest internet IPO, surpassing the Google one’s in August 2004, when the search giant raised […]

President Obama on YouTube today at 2.30 pm PT to answer questions
President Obama is well known for his brilliant use of social media and early adoption of the Web 2.0 tools to promote his political ideas. The digital strategy for his election campaign has been made a historical case study on how to use the internet for politics.Most importantly, Barack Obama has shown a real motivation to connect with people in a two-way communication setting, where citizens can actually ask questions […]

Google Chromebooks New Design and Price Cut
When Google unveiled its Chromebook in May at Google I/O, two models were shown, the Samsung WiFi model, made available on June 15th for $449 ($449 Wifi+ 3G) and the Acer model, sold for $349.Today, Samsung is introducing a new black version of its Wi-Fi only Samsung Chromebook Series 5, and both Samsung and Acer models will be available online from Amazon, Best Buy  and TigerDirect starting at $299.For those […]

Is SOPA supported by Apple, Microsoft and others?
Yesterday, we’ve posted a 5mn introduction to Stop Online Piracy Act (aka SOPA) proposed law, that is being debated right now. If signed into law, SOPA could let anyone sue -and shutdown- a site like YouTube because one user uploaded some illegal content. Today’s alternative is that YouTube is given a short amount of time to remove the content.Obviously, neither solution is ideal and perfect, but the current situation based […]

Amazon Silk Web Browser raises privacy concerns
We’ve previously mentioned that Amazon’s Silk Web Browser isn’t exactly new technology – Opera has been doing it for years now. While the latter company has gone about its business without raising any concerns, it looks like Amazon isn’t faring too well in this department. In case you need a refresher, Amazon’s Silk Web Browser is a web browser for its upcoming Kindle Fire tablet, that lets users surf the […]

Verizon makes changes to its privacy policy
For Verizon customers: just in case you haven’t noticed or haven’t bothered to pay attention, the carrier has recently made a significant change to its privacy policy for mobile users this week. Its privacy policy now mentions that in order to help out “certain business and marketing reports” as well as “making mobile ads you see more relevant” the carrier will be obtaining information from your mobile surfing habits. While […]

Podio Launches Employee Network
Podio, a very smart, easy to use and easy to customize collaboration platform, is adding a cool feature to its already successful application: the Employee Network.Podio offers standard business applications for project management, CRM, accounting, HR, and enables users to easily build or customize any apps according to their specific need. Across all apps, there is a collaboration layer that allows people to rapidly exchange information and crowd source various […]

Viadeo Opens Public API and Launches Developer Contest
Viadeo is a business social network similar to LinkedIn and very popular outside the USA, the service  is number one in China and number two in India, with a global user-base of over 35 million members. Since the re-design of its brand and website, Viadeo growth rate has soared: one million new members are joining each month.Today, Viadeo launched its public API in the US, providing a Viadeo Connect button […]

HTML5 Developer Conference - Sept. 27, San Francisco
Today, the Silicon Valley International Game Developers Association is announcing the world’s first-ever HTML5 developer conference, and Ubergizmo is a media partner of this event.The conference, which will take place on September 27 at the Westin Hotel in San Francisco, will bring together thought leaders from the HTML5, JavaScript and mobile developer communities.Sibblingz, developer of the HTML5-compatible Spaceport game engine, is the platinum sponsor of the event. The company’s founder, Ben […]

Websites like Hulu and MSN found to be using "supercookies"
What’s tougher than a cookie? A supercookie of course! Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard the term before – even though it’s something most of us encounter on a daily basis, it’s just that we don’t know it. The Wall Street Journal has recently reported that a large number of web services such as Hulu and MSN have been discovered to be using supercookies.

Google Gmail calls: now cheaper and in more languages
If you’re a fan of making calls from Gmail, you’re in luck. Google has just announced that it has upgraded the service to support over 38 different languages, and has lowered the call rates to more than 150 destinations around the world. This makes calling from Gmail a lot more accessible to consumers worldwide, especially those outside of the US and those who don’t primarily use English.

Twitter promoted Tweets now float
Folks who use Twitter to advertise will be glad to know that the service is now starting to push promoted Tweets. Previously, all promoted tweets had was an icon signifying their status as a promoted tweet. Now they will pop up at the top of a user’s timeline until he or she hides away. While these promoted tweets won’t be appearing in the timeline of somebody who isn’t subscribed to […]

Google user's account deleted: 7 years of digital life gone
As wonderful as cloud services might be, we’re always constantly reminded to not use them as our main backup and for a very good reason, as a man named Dylan M. had to find out the hard way. He recently discovered that his Google account was disabled due to alleged violation of some Google Terms of Service when he claimed that he had done nothing wrong with his Google account.

Proust: Share Privately Your Memorable Stories with Friends and Family
According to Jeffrey Cole, in his presentation at Ad:Tech 2011 (minutes 41 to 45 of the video), “Social Networking is the real deal”, however, teenagers will not hang on Facebook for too long any more (until all their parents show up there, making it “uncool”-), the heaviest users of Facebook are in fact the people in their sixties and their seventies and even if Facebook might grow to one billion, […]