wii-u-zombiu-deluxe-bundleZombiU was released by Ubisoft back in 2012 and it was a pretty unique game in the sense that it made use of a lot of the Wii U’s new features. We’re sure that many players of the game are also wondering if a possible sequel could be in the works, and if you remember, back in April ZombiU writer Antony Johnston teased at that possible, although now thanks to a developer at Ubisoft, it seems that a sequel to ZombiU has since been confirmed. However there is a caveat in the sense that the sequel, tentatively known as ZombiU 2, has been developed as a prototype so it is unclear if it will ever be realized as a fully-fledged sequel, or if it is merely Ubisoft toying around with the idea. Apart from that, the developer stated that apart from the confirmation that a prototype is in the works, “it is too soon to tell you more.” What do you guys think? Any Wii U gamers out there excited at the prospect of a ZombiU 2 title?


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