Battlefield 4 (Xbox/PS4)

This game needs no introduction obviously, and we’ve put it here at the top of our selection because it was showing actual gameplay. It is not visually as impressive as a pure cinematic sequence, but overall, this shows some of the best visuals and technology of all the games that we have seen. Frostbyte 3 is a great FPS game engine.

Destiny (PS4)

One of most impressive trailers seen at E3, Destiny, wants to fork the FPS gameplay by adding an MMO component to it. We have yet to experience an FPS on such a massive scale, but for now the visuals, the incredible lighting (and shadows) and the storyline have captured our imagination and we can’t wait to see this game in action.

Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain (Xbox/PS4)

This is one of the most anticipated next-gen title, the E3 trailer of Metal Gear Solid 5 (MGS5) shows us new gameplay and environmental aspects of the game. MGS5 has a particularly well designed lighting system that goes hand in hand with meticulously created characters, artwork, materials and shaders. The game goes “open world” and also includes the ability to use a range of vehicles.

Titan Fall (Xbox)

Titan Fall is a fast paced FPS action game in a universe where humans fight with an unknown (for now) enemy. What both sides have are Mechs, or giant robots that can be piloted by a person inside. Players can come and go at will in their Mech and this makes up for a unique FPS experience. Before Titan Fall, it was either Mech or FPS, but now both are intertwined in a way that we had never experienced before. Don’t miss this.

Halo for Xbox One (Xbox)

I’m spoiling this trailer with the sub-title, but by now you probably know that this is coming anyway… it was designed for the Microsoft media event at E3 and it did work quite well, the audience was floored by the character reveal, and left anticipating the arrival of Halo-next. No gameplay in here, but a fine trailer.

Ryse: Son of Rome (Xbox)

In Ryse you fight as a soldier of Rome and have to perform various missions on the battlefield. For developer Crytek, this is a big departure from the FPS genre that it is known for, and Ryse efficiently uses the 3D engine technology that the company has at its disposal. The game itself is hard to categorize in a particular genre as it mixes cinematic action and plain beat-them-up, but watch the trailer for yourself:

Forza Motorsports 5 (Xbox)

One of the most popular driving game makes its way to Xbox One, and this new Forza looks amazing. It has been improved on nearly every points, making it a very legitimate example of what “next-gen” driving game should be like. Note that we have been also impressed by  Gran Turismo 6 that looks amazing despite running on… PS3.

The Order: 1866 (PS4)

We don’t know the whole context of this title, but it features an action adventure that seems to happen in 1866 and where highly skilled fighters are using weapons definitely not from that era to defend against monsters that don’t even seem from this world. This was developed by Sony Santa Monica.

KillZone Shadow Fall (PS4)

In Killzone Shadow Fall, you start the journey 30 years after the storyline from Killzone 3 and you are once again called to fight as an elite soldier against a thread that could “destroy your world”. This is an FPS that features great graphics, and very high-tech weaponery. Check it out:

Watch Dogs (Xbox/PS4)

This latest trailer of Watch Dog shows some gameplay in addition of the story. The concept of the game is interesting: you are a powerful hacker who can use any technology to your advantage. The main character is also handy with hand to hand combat and weapons, but technology is he’s ultimate weapon. The game features interesting artwork and a relatively large world.

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