comcast-wifiComcast has been hard at work, constructing their very own Wi-Fi network so that they can offer connectivity to subscribers as well as the general public. Hmmm, there is nothing quite like having a free Wi-Fi network all over the place, wherever you go, as it certainly cuts down on the need to pay for a data line, right? So far, Comcast has already placed Wi-Fi hotspots in the Mid-Atlantic regions of the US at various locations such as train stations, cafes and shopping centers from three years ago. This time around, Comcast intends to deliver improvements on their past “work”, by further enlarging the coverage area to their broadband customers and others. The new broadband service is known as Xfinity, where this initiative would allow customers to share their Wi-Fi signal with others.

CNET claims that Xfinity customers are able to use the latest wireless gateways so that it can broadcast an extra Wi-Fi signal for their neighbors to piggyback on. Imagine a customer holed up in an apartment complex with majority of them being by Comcast subscribers, there is a very real possibility of everyone jumping aboard the Comcast-delivered Wi-Fi. It would be a snowball effect if more and more folks take up the Xfinity package, just like how iOS has so many more apps than other mobile operating systems at the moment because of the initial huge uptake of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad in the past.

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