fireeaseI clearly remember how those old Calvin & Hobbes comics depict only Calvin’s dad loving the great outdoors, while the rest of the family – mom, Calvin and Hobbes, absolutely hated it, and yet going off on a family camp seems to be an annual thing for the family. Most of the time, too, the weather remains foul until it is time to pack up and leave, and Calvin’s dad always has a penchant of telling Calvin that what he is going through will help “build character”. Having said that, camping is not easy to go through if you do not have the proper tools and knowledge, heck, even getting the traditional wood fire going could prove tricky, not to mention having to maintain it.

FIREase might have a tool to help budding campers out there with the IncinerGrate, where it will be able to make fire starting a snap, while maintenance of the fire, too, should not be too difficult. After all, it is hard to argue with FIREase’s tagline, “We build fires that love to burn!” The IncinerGrate comes in a metal frame which enables you to assemble the perfect structure of tinder, kindling, and wood to kick off a fire.

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