freedompopThey say that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world, and if you were to ask the folks over at FreedomPop, they would agree with that saying. One thing that they would definitely disagree with would be this – you no longer have to weary yourself with a sizeable smartphone bill to settle at the end of each month, as FreedomPop has announced its plans to roll out a first-ever completely free mobile service. We are talking about free voice calls, free texts, and free data here.

Just to be on the same page, how far can free get you? You obviously will not be able to start off with unlimited amounts in the first place, as FreedomPop offers you 500MB of 4G data, unlimited texting, and 200 voice minutes every single month. Not only that, calling other FreedomPop members would also be free. It sounds nuts, but I guess FreedomPop would not be so gung ho about it if they felt that they are able to offer such a sustainable service without going out of business. Apart from that, you can also earn additional free data by completing surveys, downloading programs, and referring friends, while those who feel that those extras are still not enough, it is time to finally break open your wallet and pick up the unlimited voice calls package for $9.99 each month.

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