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FreedomPop Offering Free Unlimited WhatsApp Usage In 30 Countries
FreedomPop today announced a new offer for folks in the United States who might want to have free usage of WhatsApp in 30 countries across the globe. Zero-rated WhatsApp access means that its customers will be able to use WhatsApp for free when they are in any of the 30 supported countries. Interestingly, it has zero-rated WhatsApp at home too, so its customers can enjoy free use of the cross-platform […]

New FreedomPop SIM Plan Features International Data
FreedomPop has become quite popular in the United States courtesy of its free and simple mobile plans. It has been operating in the country for quite some time now and has even started offering its services in the United Kingdom. FreedomPop is taking its service one step further with the launch of a new roaming SIM today that’s available to customers in both the U.S. and the UK, this new […]

FreedomPop Looks To Wi-Fi First Smartphone
FreedomPop is a hybrid carrier, where their users will be able to make use of Wi-Fi hotspots in the vicinity not only for data purposes, but also for voice as well, and this goes a long way in helping those of us who are operating on a rather tight budget to save plenty of dough along the way where a monthly voice, text and data plan is concerned. Whenever one […]

FreedomPop Launches Unlimited Wi-Fi For $5 Per Month
FreedomPop is a relatively new company that’s going after customers on major mobile carriers by offering simple plans that provide the basic necessities, voice and data. Today the company is adding more value for customers by launching a cheaper unlimited Wi-Fi service. Customers will get unlimited Wi-FI with automatic sign-on to hotspots across the country for just $5 per month.


FreedomPop Delivers Brand New Devices Without Breaking The Bank
In order to be part of FreedomPop’s celebration of their first year anniversary, the first completely free mobile service in the world that comes with free voice, text and data intends to make gadgets all the more affordable to the masses – first of with the introduction of the FreedomPop Liberty that costs less than a Benjamin, now how about that?

FreedomPop Could Be Purchased
It is not strange to hear of companies being acquired by other companies from time to time, and this time around, it would be Sprint and FreedomPop that happened to have waded into the whole area of an acquisition by another major carrier. So far, there has been whispers making their rounds, especially after Sprint decided not to pick up T-Mobile earlier in August. FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols has also […]

FreedomPop Delivers Free Data For Tablets
FreedomPop has been offering free limited wireless data, voice, and text to smartphone users for quite some time already, and now it looks like the time has come to extend such a service to tablets as well. After all, while tablet sales might be slowing down according to Best Buy, it remains a vibrant market at this point in time. FreedomPop will allow you to bring home either an iPad […]

FreedomPop Privacy Phone aka Snowden Phone Features Integrated VPN
Just how secure do you think your smartphone is? After all, we can never quite tell just what the government is up to these days, and FreedomPop, one of the fastest growing mobile service companies in the US today, has announced the new FreedomPop Privacy Phone that will feature built in VPN, anonymous voice as well as payment by Bitcoin, now how about that? The FreedomPop Privacy Phone is touted […]

FreedomPop Launches Free Cell Phone Service
FreedomPop has certainly been making a name for itself over the past few months as they first set to upset ISPs by offering free broadband Internet earlier this year, and just a few months ago, the company announced they would be offering a completely free smartphone service. If you’ve been keeping an eye on FreedomPop’s free smartphone service, your day has finally arrived as the company’s freemium mobile phone service is now […]

FreedomPop Introduces 100% Free Smartphone Service
FreedomPop delivers free smartphone service each month.

FreedomPop Announces Sprint-Friendly Hotspot For $40
FreedomPop recently set to upset the world of ISPs by offering free broadband Internet, which was a little too good to be true when we realized it would offer only 1GB of Internet service for free per month. It’s now setting its sights to the world of 4G Internet as they’re announcing their first hotspot.FreedomPop’s Overdrive Pro is a $40 hotspot that features a dual-mode that allows it to use Sprint’s […]

FreedomPop Sets To Upset ISPs By Offering Free Broadband Internet
As important as having a reliable home Internet connection is, we know there are people out there who simply can’t afford an additional $50 a month so they could constantly watch cat videos on their Facebook wall. There aren’t many cheap alternatives available in the U.S., but one company is introducing such a service today.FreemPop offers a broadband plan for its customers to use up to 1GB a month for […]

FreedomPop Works On Open Wi-Fi With Free Home Internet
ISPs, it is about time you started quaking in your well heeled designer boots. FreedomPop is hard at work to deliver open Wi-Fi alongside free home Internet connectivity, now how about that? After all, I am quite sure that many of us have been at the mercy of our Internet service providers (ISPs) from one time to another, but FreedomPop intends to buck the trend. Backed by Skype co-founder Niklas […]

FreedomPop iPod touch 4G Sleeve ships
The FreedomPop iPod touch 4G Sleeve has just been officially announce to ship from today onwards, having been previously limited to pre-orders only. The FreedomPop iPod touch 4G Sleeve will be able to snap onto any fourth generation iPod touch, transforming it into a pseudo iPhone on the spot, as you experience a seamless connection to FreedomPop’s free high-speed 4G network. This means you can use your iPod touch just […]