When a couple has a baby on the way, the father tends to be left out in much of the fun as the mother can experience everything being pregnant has to offer. Mothers tend to connect with their children even more through their experience of being pregnant, but a new belt will now make it possible for the father-to-be to experience much of what the mother does.

Huggies has developed a pair of belts which can allow the father to feel nearly everything the mother does in real-time. The belt translates the baby’s motions and kicks from the mother’s belly to the father’s, which we’re sure can be an emotional experience for males to finally feel what it’s like to have something growing inside of them.

Huggies teamed up with Argentian ad agency Ogilvy & Mather to come up with the idea of the pregnancy belt, but unfortunately there seems to be an extremely small chance something like this would be made into an actual consumer product. This means fathers-to-be will just have to make due with the tried and true method of placing their hands on bellies in order to feel their little one move around.

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