Here is one profound thunderbolt2insight that many of you might also share – right after Intel’s Thunderbolt would come an improvement, where it has also been called, the Thunderbolt 2. Just before we continue, here is a little bit of context on what Thunderbolt is all about – it is not an HTC smartphone (the first LTE smartphone from HTC), but rather, Thunderbolt is a PC data and video port hardware technology that has finally received an upgrade, although the name itself remains the same albeit with a slight increase in the numerical value right at the end.

The original Thunderbolt port which was launched in 2011 managed to achieve bi-directional data transfer speeds of up to 10 Gbps in theory while supporting video displays, but the Thunderbolt 2 is capable of doubling that amount when it comes to data speed, in addition to support up to 4K video displays, now how about that? Of course, it will be some time before other peripherals and the general hardware industry adopt the Thunderbolt 2 standard on a wide basis, but those who are future forward and want to remain obsolete-proof might want to check out more about the Thunderbolt 2.

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