13.06.14-iOS_7_AdoptionWhile we’re waiting for iOS 7 to officially make its way onto our devices this Fall, a recent report from ad firm Chitika has reported that as it stands, the iOS 7 beta which has been released primarily for developers to tinker around with, sits at 0.22% of all compatible US devices. According to Chitika, what they have inferred from this number is that there is high developer interest in the latest version of iOS. While iOS’ popularity is more or less a given, this surge in adoption by developers isn’t too surprising, especially given that iOS 7 is the first release of iOS after half a decade that features a massive visual overhaul, along with new features and functions that developers are probably excited to try for themselves and see how their apps might take advantage of those new features. Apart from the excitement of a new visual design, the report also suggests that the reason developers are showing high interest is because they want their apps to operate smoothly and is optimized once iOS 7 has been released to the public.

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